DeFi's fixed rate protocol

Element is an open source protocol for fixed and variable yield markets


Grow your savings

Grow your savings at a fixed rate via Principal Tokens (PT). PTs are "on sale" versions of popular crypto-assets that you buy and hold for a set term then redeem for full value at end of the term. PTs have no minimums and no penalties. You can trade your PT back for its base asset at any time. Currently supported base assets: crvLUSD, crvTriCrypto.

How it works
  1. Pick your PT by asset, term length, and APR
  2. Purchase PT at a discount
  3. Redeem for the full price at term length
  4. (Optional) Sell your PT back at any time

Repurpose principal

Separate yield generating positions like Yearn vaults in two distinct tokens: yield and principal.

Gain capital efficiency by freeing your principal and selling it. Utilize this mechanism to leverage your yield further.

Provide liquidity on your yield and principal tokens to earn additional APY 🦧


    Trade yield

    Buy and sell yield and principal tokens. You can trade these tokens on custom AMMs called Element pools.


    Build on Element

    Develop new DeFi products with the Element SDK.


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